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Flavored Medicine

Ask your compounding pharmacist to add flavors to your prescriptions
Giving medication to children can be a constant struggle. For infants, just the sight of the medicine bottle can bring on the tears and for toddlers “taking your medicine” can include a marathon around the living room or a long game of hide and seek!

Every child has their favorite flavors, however, and compounding prescriptions to their tastes can make everybody smile.

Let Your Child Choose the Flavor

Who doesn’t remember cherry flavored cough syrup? A good try perhaps, but many children choose to run when they see that red sticky stuff.

We have many different flavors that your child will love including bubblegum, watermelon, root beer, grape, raspberry and tutti-frutti, just to mention a few. And if syrups are a problem, working together with your doctor we can even change the dosage form – from a liquid to a “gummy square,” lollipop, or lozenge!

Compounding flavors into medications doesn’t have to be just for kids, either. As we age, or develop a chronic illness, we often experience changes in our taste preferences. We may need to adjust the amount of sweetness to make a medication more palatable or perhaps we may come to prefer more adult flavors, like coffee or Kahlua.

Pets Have Their Favorite Flavors Too!

Pets even accept their medicine better when it suits their tastes. What about a tuna fish flavored product for a finicky cat – or even our triple fish combo? Dogs will usually eat almost anything, but there are a few who turn their backs when its time for a dose of medicine. We offer liver, beef, chicken, peanut butter, cheese – and more. If liquids are a problem ask about having your pet’s medicine made into a flavored chewy treat.

Compounding Prescriptions for Unique Requirements

The ability to manipulate flavoring to one’s personal distinctive preference is an art. The compounder uses scientific knowledge to ensure correct flavor choices do not compromise the chemical characteristics (dosage strength and effectiveness) of the medicine.

We provide customized medications because we understand that each patient has special requirements with unique likes and dislikes. We want to make it painless for everyone – children, adults, and even animals – to take needed medications as directed. Ask us about our flavoring options and our re-flavoring service. Even when it starts out bad, we can often fix it with just a little flavoring magic.

To give you an idea of the range of flavoring choices available take a look at our Flavors List.

Medications aren’t created for their taste, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have flavors carefully added. Contact us about adding flavors to the prescriptions on your list to take the sting out of “taking your medicine”.